Workshop MOMAR



Livorno, April 18-19, 2012

COASTAL OBSERVING AND FORECASTING SYSTEMS, TODAY & TOMORROW, an international workshop focused on reviewing existing systems for control and forecast of marine coastal areas, was dedicated to observational systems, operational coastal hydrodynamic and biogeochemical modeling, integrated systems and coastal observatories, and applications of integrated systems.
The workshop was organized by LaMMA Consortium within the EU funded MOMAR project - “Integrated system for monitoring and control of the marine environment”, and it was aimed to creating a common path of marine and coastal monitoring between Sardinia, Tuscany and Corsica. The present monitoring procedures, especially as regards the Tuscan Archipelago, need to be upgraded, as shown by recent events such as the issues related to the sinking of the Costa Concordia at the Isola del Giglio.
The workshop objectives were to give an accurate picture of the state of the art of control and forecast of marine coastal areas, as well as to motivate new research and applications within the variety of disciplines related to coastal observing and forecasting system.


Session 1 - Coastal observations systems: remote and in-situ measurements of today and tomorrow
Chairman: Pierre-Marie Poulain

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The audience
Final conclusions

Session 2 - Operational coastal modelling: reliability and applications
Chairman: Jean-Marie Beckers

Session 3 - Integrated Sea monitoring systems and Coastal Observatories
Chairman: Joaquín Tintoré

Session 4 - Applications of integrated systems and EU regulations
Chairman: Francois Galgani

Short presentations


YachtGOOS - A Recreational, Global Ocean Observing System - J. Allen (MyOcean Resources Ltd, Hornchurch, U.K.), E. Tesi, C. Fitzgerald, M. Unetti, J. Dunning and P. Cipollini.
COSMEMOS: a collaborative project (poster) - A. Antonini (LaMMA Consortium, Florence, Italy), E. Barro, R. Benedetti, S. Cristofori, A. Orlandi, A. Ortolani , L. Rovai.
Easy And Safe Yachting - L. Bardelli (ITSLAB, Italy).
COASTALT: Coastal Altimetry contributes to regional sea level monitoring - P. Cipollini (Marine Physics and Ocean Climate, National Oceanographic Centre, U.K.), S. Vignudelli, A. Scozzari, J. Benveniste and the COASTALT Team.
Drifter experiment in the Tuscan Archipelago - R. Gerin (OGS, Trieste, Italy), P.M. Poulain, L. Centurioni and C. McCall
Satellite and in situ monitoring of marine coastal waters in the Ligurian and North Tyrrhenian seas within the MOMAR Project (poster) - C. Lapucci (LaMMA Consortium, Florence, Italy), C. Brandini, A. Ortolani , F. Maselli, L. Massi, F. Galgani, C. Nuccio, B. Gozzini
X-Band Radar System for sea surface monitoring (poster) - G. Ludeno (IREA CNR, Naples, Italy), S. Flamporius, A. Orlandi, C. Brandini, C. Lugni, F. Soldovieri, F. Serafino.
Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation & Management - E. Mauri (OGS, Trieste, Italy), P. Testor, L. Mortier, J. Karstensen, K. Heywood, D. Hayes.
The MyOcean Ocean Colour Thematic Assembling Centre: a new Integrated European Service to access satellite ocean colour data - R. Santoleri (ISAC CNR, Rome, Italy), S. Colella, V. Forneris, G. Volpe, C. Tronconi, E. Böhm, P. Garnesson, A. Mangin, O. Hembise Fanton d’Andon, A. Lintu, F. Melin, F. Gohin, M. Taberner, P. Walker.