Climate and Energy

LaMMA analyses the region's climatology from a range of spatial and temporal perspectives in order to better understand the changes taking place. LaMMA is also home to the Region of Tuscany Focal Point Kyoto, a regional support in mitigating and adapting to climate change, proposing a more complete interpretation of local environmental sustainability including the carbon balance (emissions and absorption), with fact-finding tools that can help in decision making for energy and land management and planning.

Analysis of regional climatology, based on data acquired from networks of weather stations around the region, at various spatial and temporal levels.

  • Mapping of temperature and precipitation anomalies, updated every 10 days, for Italy and Tuscany.
  • Monthly weather reports: Description of weather trends for the month in Tuscany.
  • Seasonal forecasts: Long-term forecasts (the next three months), based on the main models currently available and medium-term forecasts for the winter period, based on “strat-warming”.

Contribution to the analysis of the region's energy system, by organising and supplementing data and developing viewing and management systems.

  • Information system focusing on renewable energy sources found in Tuscany.
  •  WIND-GIS to assess the wind energy potential in Tuscany: Maps showing wind speed and potential annual energy production.