Meteorological Navigation by Integrating Metocean Forecast Data and Ship Performance Models into an ECDIS-like e-Navigation Prototype Interface
Year Type  
2021 ISI Publication  

Autori: Andrea Orlandi, Andrea Cappugi, Riccardo Mari, Francesco Pasi, Alberto Ortolani

Rivista: JMSE, Special Issue Weather Routing,  J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2021, 9(5,) 502


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In the complex processes of route planning, voyage monitoring, and post-voyage analysis, a key element is the capability of merging metocean forecast data with the available knowledge of ship responses in the encountered environmental conditions. In this context, a prototype system has been implemented capable of integrating metocean models forecasts with ship specific performance data and models. The work is based on the exploitation of an open source ECDIS-like system originally developed in the e-Navigation framework. The resulting prototype system allows the uploading and visualization of metocean data, the consequent computation of fuel consumption along each analyzed route, and the evaluation of the encountered meteo-marine conditions on each route way point. This allows us to “effectively and deeply dig inside” the various layers of available metocean forecast data regarding atmospheric and marine conditions and evaluating their effects on ship performance indicators. The system could also be used to trigger route optimization algorithms and subsequently evaluate the results. All these functionalities are tailored in order to facilitate the “what-if” analysis in the route selection process performed by deck officers. Many of the added functionalities can be utilized also in a shore-based fleet monitoring and management center. A description is given of the modeling and visualization approaches that have been implemented. Their potentialities are illustrated through the discussion of some examples in Mediterranean navigation.