Cultural Heritage sites

The Region of Tuscany (General Direction for Educational Policy, Cultural Heritage and Activities) has prepared a Territorial Information System for the remote supplementation, processing and consultation of archives for cultural heritage sites, with the aim of supporting administrative management and protection functions as well as those of promotion.

The main databases present in the Territorial Information System for Cultural Heritage Sites are:

  1. Protected buildings, as per Italian laws 364/09, 1089/39 and decrees 490/99, 42/04.
  2. Protected archaeological sites, as per Italian laws 364/09, 1089/39 and decrees 490/99, 42/04.
  3. Protected landscapes, as per Italian law 1497/09, and decrees 490/99, 42/04.
  4. Places of worship.

All these 'objects' are georeferenced using a polygon format, so as to allow interaction with other types of geographical archives.
For archives and maps regarding archaeological sites, monuments, buildings and landscapes, which are the subject of specific protection orders, work was carried out in collaboration with the Region of Tuscany Direction for Cultural Heritage Sites (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities).

The following categories of sites will be implemented in the future:

  • Twentieth-century architecture.
  • Museums.
  • Theatres.
  • Parks and gardens of artistic and/or historic interest, or of outstanding beauty.
  • Fortified complexes.
  • Geological landscapes.

Go to the Territorial Information System website for Cultural Heritage and Landscape sites in the Region of Tuscany (in Italian only)