High spatial resolution modelling of net forest carbon fluxes based on ground and remote sensing data
Anno Pubblicazione  
2022 Pubblicazione ISI  

Autori: G. Chirici, M. Chiesi, L. Fibbi, F. Giannetti, P. Corona, F. Maselli,

RivistaAgricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 316, 2022, 108866, ISSN 0168-1923 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2022.108866


This paper presents the application of a recently proposed modelling strategy to yield high spatial resolution estimates of net forest carbon fluxes in Tuscany (Central Italy). The simulation of forest net primary production (NPP) and net ecosystem production (NEP) is based on the combination of remotely sensed and ancillary data which describe the main characteristics of local environment and vegetation. Distinctively, the methodology is driven by a map of growing stock volume (GSV) having a pixel size of 23 × 23 m2 and can therefore yield correspondingly high spatial resolution estimates of forest NPP and NEP. An advancement of the original methodology is also proposed based on the availability of a recently produced soil organic carbon map of Tuscany informative about biomass decomposition (heterotrophic respiration). The modified modelling strategy is applied over the period 2001–2005 and the obtained estimates are assessed against: i) ground observations of GSV current annual increment (CAI) collected for over 600 plots during the last National Forest Inventory of Italy; ii) a high spatial resolution reference NEP map obtained for a Mediterranean pine forest (San Rossore) by the integration of eddy covariance flux data and local CAI observations. Considering the complexity of the simulated processes and of the examined environment, the estimation accuracy achieved is satisfactory for both NPP and NEP. This supports the possibility of applying the proposed modelling strategy to estimate net carbon fluxes at high spatial resolution in other forest environments.