The LaMMA provides support to the marine environmental monitoring service, in particular about the physical characteristics of the sea (waves, currents, temperature, salinity) and some parameters detectable by remote (chlorophyll, suspended sediment, the presence of any spills).  On these topics, LaMMA also carries out research activities through projects and specific commitments.  


LaMMA contributes to the monitoring of basic parameters in marine Mediterranean and regional scale by collecting and processing in-situ and remote sensing data. Furthermore, monitoring is carried out through the implementation of numerical modelling: as weather-marine, hydrodynamic and biogeochemistry models. 


Main Applications

  • Weather-marine forecasts: daily forecasting bulletin of weather and sea conditions on the Tuscan coast and offshore.
  • Forecast of sea conditions:  Forecast maps on the date of wind and sea conditions up to 3-5 days. Maps are updated every 12 hours and provide information on height, period and wave direction, and wind gusts to 10 m. Maps reach a resolution up to 3 km.  
  • Oceanographic bulletins: Forecast maps of current, temperature and salinity up to 5 days in the whole area of the Tuscan Sea, with a resolution up to 2 km. The forecasts are extended to the entire mass of water at different depths. 
  • Chlorophyll bulletin
  • Marine monitoring support 
    - Forecasts and real-time monitoring in case of emergencies
    - Retrospective reconstruction of marine waves and marine hydrodynamics.
    - Management and programming activities (security, relief ...).