Remote Sensing

LaMMA is the centre responsible for the remote sensing and use of digital data images from satellites and/or planes, and for the management of ultra-high resolution multispectral data.

For over a decade, LaMMA has provided scientific and technological support to the various environmental and territorial sectors, including:

  • land planning activities for public bodies,
  • closer examination of GIS models to develop environmental risk management systems,
  • designing of logical models of geographical databases,
  • implementation and development of IT solutions for the creation of physical models of geographical databases,
  • development of geographical applications using digital data remotely gathered by planes and satellites.


                                              AERIAL PHOTOS AND SATELLITE IMAGES

All activities are based mainly on the combined use of satellite technologies and geographical information systems. One of the Consortium's strengths is the ability to seamlessly combine the use of S.I.T. with remote image acquisition techniques, from both air and satellite sources.

The databases used at LaMMA cover a time span from 1984 to the present day.

In recent years, the possibility of using scenes acquired at ultra-high spatial resolution has opened up further scenarios for application even on very small scales, a level of information that is extremely useful for local government and other public bodies.