Educational programmes

Some of the educational proposals offered by LaMMA:

  • Visit the laboratory: the LaMMA meteorology room and the other facilities.   
  • Meteorology for children: visits for nursery school and early primary school pupils.
    Introduction to reading the forecast; weather symbols; instrumentation; visit the LaMMA weather operations room; making a weather report together.
  • Who wants to be a weather forecaster? : a programme structured into a two hours lesson divided into two sessions: the first session is an introductory lesson on the weather forecasting and atmospheric phenomena, the second, a practical session on producing a weather report, from the writing the texts to filming. Publication of the students' videos online.
  • The science of the weather: simple experiments to understand the physics of the weather!
  • Atmosphere. What a Chaos !: a more complex lesson for secondary schools where main concepts of Chaos Theory and weather forecasting uncertainty are presented.  



A description of
Educational activities
was published in the WMO Bulletin 
on March 2014.