The Geology Sector of the LAMMA Consortium, in partnership with the SITA Environmental Territorial Information System (Geology) for the Region of Tuscany, provides the scientific and technological support for geology- and pedology-related activities and projects within the region, regarding the following general areas of activity:

  • Management and implementation of network-based services as regards geological databases and metadata.
  • Planning and creation of new geographical databases for handling and representing geological, hydrogeological and pedological data.
  • Updating of the landslide and surface deposits database, acquiring new data from the river basin authority, or from other surveys or projects by research organisations or local authorities.

Activities are performed in close collaboration with the Pisa Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources CNR-IGG, and with the University of Siena Centro di GeoTecnologie.



Landslides and Deposits Database

Under revision

Geothematic Survey Database


Significant Underground Bodies of Water

AmianTos Database


Regional Geological Map, scale 1:10,000

Under revision



Last updated: 29/08/2014