Geological data maintenance

Just like any other industrial or commercial product, geological maps have an average lifespan, which, based on previous experience, can be estimated to be a few decades. In the case of the 10K Geological Map of Tuscany, estimation of ageing time is made easier by the objectively short time timescale (just a few years) in which the operation was concentrated.

Considering that, with a few exceptions, the 10K project was completed in 2008, the question of a new edition of the geological map for Tuscany can reasonably be expected to arise by the middle of the century.
Based on past experience, the replacement of an obsolete map would inevitably involve a new generalised campaign of surveys covering the entire region, without distinguishing between areas of differing degrees of resolution. The two specific elements distinguishing the 10K Geological Map (its digital format and delimitation of the outcrops) enable and encourage us to consider the problem of updating the geological map in new terms relative to the past. To this end, a report form has been prepared for new geological outcrops, which can be filled in online for subsequent validation by LaMMA's geology sector, so as to integrate them into the database of the new geological continuum of the region.

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Last updated: 05/12/2012